• May, 19-20
  • St. Petersburg, Pobedy Square 1
Виталий Фридман
Vitaly Friedman

The next season of new adventures in frontend is here: tighten up your seatbelts and get ready for a dash of dirty little frontend tricks!

Алексей Богачук
Alexey Bogachuk

We’ll share some stories that can help you look at the architecture and its meaning for the modern apps from the right perspective, as well as avoid mistakes that can simply ruin your project.

Роман Дворнов
Roman Dvornov

We'll look at how to present components, demonstrate their possibilities, technical solutions for that, how to identify components, collection and binding of meta-information, knowledge base organization and many other challenging things.

Илья Климов
Illya Klymov

How to understand what is a necessary thing to learn in JavaScript and what is just hype, and how to structure information to master it as soon as possible.

Imad Elyafi
Imad Elyafi

We'll share challenges, technologies and best practices we used in order to rebuild the whole mobile web experience for authenticated users in 11 weeks only!

Кирилл Черкашин
Kirill Cherkashin

In this talk, we will investigate approaches to analyzing and transforming JavaScript code via parsing it and working with the resulting Abstract Syntax Trees. We will use Babel and ESLint in the examples.

Виталий Фридман
Vitaly Friedman

In this talk, Vitaly will be covering a few design patterns to increase conversion by improving clarity and consistency of the eCommerce experience and sparkling a little bit of delight here and there. You’ll walk away with hands-on tips and techniques for crafting better eCommerce experience right away.

Николай Рыжиков
Nikolay Ryzhikov

We’ll try to make sense out of the sources of the essential and random complexity of interface development. Using ClojureScript & Reagent & Re-frame stack as an example, we’ll look at what can be done in here.

Sebastian Golasch
Sebastian Golasch

We'll explore the technical details behind Encrypted Media Extension (EME), Content Decryption Modules (CDM) like Widevine, and the foundation of Web Digital Rights Management (DRM) by reverse engineering Netflix and building our own personal Netflix video player!

Михаил Полубояринов
Mikhail Poluboyarinov

The latest meeting of TC39 committee took place this January. The ES2018 specification was finally set. In this talk, we'll follow its steps.

Андрей Старовойт
Andrey Starovoyt

We'll look at the evolution of the TypeScript types system: where it all started, what's wrong with TypeScript types, the possibility to "inject" the type information into runtime, the main difference between TypeScript and other languages types and what will happen in the future.

Taylor Lovett
Taylor Lovett

We will run you through writing, locally testing, and properly deploying a basic Node.js Skill, along with giving you pointers and tips on design patterns that work well for Skills.

Евгений (Кот) Гусев
Evgeny (Kot) Gusev
Илья Таратухин
Ilya Taratuhin

We’ll look at React and Vue in order to understand what are the differences and similarities and who’s got a chance to come out on top in this fight.

Дмитрий Пацура
Dmitry Patsura

We'll look at the React Native architecture. The talk will help you get used to the technology, understand it and have no fear of it if you consider RN a promising technology for future or current projects.

Марина Миронович
Marina Mironovich

We'll show how to create an isomorphic React Redux application step by step. We'll start from the creation of sample lambda function from AWS console and at the end will make a more complex isomorphic project with fully automated deployment.

Дмитрий Бежецков
Dmitry Bezheckov
Владимир Ануфриенко
Vladimir Anufrienko

We'll get acquainted with the internal structure of virtual JS machines, understand how high-level JS code is transformed into binary code, what issues we encountered while porting these VMs. The talk will be useful for anyone who wants to learn something new about Russian technologies.

Дмитрий Махнёв
Dmitry Makhnev

How to combine the beauty and simplicity of fast prototyping with tests, so that business tasks would not take a backseat, there would still be time to study and «undefind is not a function» would not come to you at night? Let's find out how Wallaby.js and Quokka.js can help you with this.

Никита Прокопов
Nikita Prokopov

How to teach programmers the right way, who works more effectively with whom in a team, how to level up, the nature of arguments and hints.

Дмитрий Карловский
Dmitry Karlovsky

How to achieve 60 fps without turning the code into spaghetti, in case the client has a slow device, and you need to do a lot of hard work in the UI-stream? When you have a server that calculates the response to the request from 1 ms to 10 s, how to make sure that long tasks don't block fast tasks, without creating a thread for each request? Join this talk to learn the answers to these (and many other) questions .

Денис Колодин
Denis Kolodin

We'll look at how Yew framework was created, how to create a framework without a garbage collector, how to effectively provide immutable, without any need to copy the state due to the rules of Rust data ownership and what the peculiarities while translating Rust to WebAssembly are.