• May, 19-20
  • St. Petersburg, Pobedy Square 1
RU / Day 2 / 12:00 / Track3

Elbrus comes back, this time with the talk on Javascript. We in Unipro haven’t sat idly and ported SpiderMonkey, V8 and even NodeJS for a year and a half.

We'll touch on the following topics:

  • Elbrus and its specifics;
  • caveats of porting and optimizing V8 FullCodegen and SpiderMonkey Baseline;
  • reusing the code from Java for optimizing Ion compiler in SpiderMonkey;
  • implementation of deoptimization.

That's the first talk in HolyJS in which not only will you learn about Chrome and V8, but about Firefox as well. This talk will be useful for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the internal structure of virtual JS machines, understand how high-level JS code is transformed into binary code, and what issues we encountered while porting these VMs. The talk will be useful for anyone who wants to learn something new about Russian technologies.

Дмитрий Бежецков
Dmitry Bezheckov

Software engineer at Unipro (http://unipro.ru/). All his career has worked in virtual machines area, from Java for Intel to JavaScript for Elbrus. In his free time teaches advanced C++ in CSC centre.

Владимир Ануфриенко
Vladimir Anufrienko

Software engineer at Unipro, student of the physics department of Novosibirsk State University. Most of the time have been working on porting JavaScript for Elbrus.