• May, 19-20
  • St. Petersburg, Pobedy Square 1
RU / Day 1 / Track3

Someone says that code is like a poetry, others say it's an instrument for solving business tasks. There are those who just like to learn and play with code, yet the others say «undefind is not a function», cause they do not test. How to combine the beauty and simplicity of fast prototyping with tests, so that business tasks would not take a backseat, there would still be time to study and «undefind is not a function» would not come to you at night? The instruments such as Wallaby.js and Quokka.js can help you be creative in your favourite environment without being distracted from the main code while maintaining complete control of the situation. Let's find out, how?

Дмитрий Махнёв
Dmitry Makhnev

Develops m.ok.ru. Is into web development for more than 8 years. Often writes HTML on Java. Loves good talks, Dadaism, tests and Dart.