• May, 19-20
  • St. Petersburg, Pobedy Square 1
RU / Day 2 / Track1

One day we started developing our own solution to browse a component library, view the different states of each component and so on. This talk is an answer to the question "There are ready solutions, so why?". We'll touch on the following topics:

  • How to present a component, show its functionality, what technical solutions is needed for that;
  • What functions may be useful to designers and developers;
  • How to identify components, to collect and attach a meta-information, building a knowledge base;
  • Usage data of components and the code ownership;
  • Going beyond the catalogue boundaries – integration with an internal services.
Роман Дворнов
Roman Dvornov

Technical lead of Frontend Architecture unit at Avito. Author of basis.js, CSSTree, Component Inspector, rempl, maintainer of CSSO and others. The researcher, evangelist for web standards, inspirer, critic and speaker. Most interested in the web technologies, tooling, architecture and related subjects.