• May, 19-20
  • St. Petersburg, Pobedy Square 1
RU / Day 1 / Track1

We write code. Interpreter strictly follows our instructions. It doesn’t object or argue, we don’t need to discuss anything with it. Everything is loud and clear. That’s the reason we love programming, we rule the world we’ve created. That’s also why the best programmers hate communicating with something so imperfect as people with their endless emotions, needs, and whims.

This talk will teach you to sell refactoring on a project, to persuade your colleagues to implement Linter or to stop caring about what to choose, Angular, React or Vue.

We’ll try to become programmers that can understand the others and, most importantly, themselves, we’ll try to become engineers!

Максим Юзва
Maks Yuzva

Frontend team lead, hiring and resource manager at EPAM Systems. Organizer of FrontSpot community, often hangs out with BeerJS. Trains developers to negotiate. Looks at development from a different angle and gives talks about it.